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Multiple locations

Need to circumvent geo ip location blockings? No problem we've got IPs from United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Sweden.



With SeeAllTv™ extension - you are able to see anything. Netflix. Hulu. BBC - In fact any British, French, German or Scandinavian channel can be viewed. Switch freely between Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix CA, Netflix BR, Netflix SE, Netflix NO and Netflix DK.

Unblock ALL

Unblock everything

Unblock any site or service that may have been blocked by your administrator, your employer, your internet provider, or the goverment in your contry. The internet should be free. Be free with BeeVPN.

Use p2p

Use p2p

Some organizations, etc. block for some protocols - especially for peer-to-peer protocols. The reason for most of the blocks is that those protocols are used to illegally share files. That may be so - even for a vast majority... But not all. There are lots of legal services that use p2p to distribute their content (Blizzard, netflix, etc.). With BeeVPN - nobody can block anything for you.



Our personal firewall offers three simple choices of security levels to chose from. Just chose one - and let our military grade Cisco award winning equipment handle the rest.

Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield

Public hotspots are well known places for crackers, hackers and blackhats to sniff out people password, documents and personal information. With BeeVPN, you are protected.



Tired of everyone trying to gather information about what you're doing on the great world wide web? BeeVPN helps you get your anonymity back - once and for all.