Legal terms

Legal Terms

By signing up to Bee VPN’s services you also accept these Terms and Conditions.

The service offered on is offered by BeeVPN ApS, Company Number 32884962, Skovvænget 39, 2970 Hørsholm,, referred to as Us/We and the customer referred to as You.


§1.The key feature of BeeVPN is to secure your privacy. We do not log your use of and traffic through our equipment except by keeping track of when and for how long you use the service and total amount of traffic routed through our equipment. We do NOT store traffic data of your VPN sessions, nor information of the web sites you visit during any given session. We only monitor traffic in order to optimize the service, our network and our server park to the benefit of all users.


§2. You accept not to use the service for illegal uses such as spamming, hacking, forgery or harassment of other users, persons and organizations. You also accept not to use Bee VPN as a vehicle to spread viruses or other material or programs that might interrupt, destroy or limit websites, software or CPE. Moreover you accept not to send spam or malicious e-mail, chain letters or other materials that are not solicited by the recipient. You also accept not to interfere with or disrupt our systems, servers and networks connected to the systems. If it comes to our attention that you do, we retain the right to terminate your account without a refund.


§ 3. Payment gateway providers we work with, may store details about your credit card and payment, but only to the extent legally required, and in order to be able to handle cancellation of payments, reimbursements or chargebacks.


§4. We will co-operate with law enforcement agencies investigating various crimes such as terrorism, credit card fraud, child porn, etc. However, we do not disclose any customer information or allow investigation of customer behaviour without having been presented with proper court orders etc. We are a legit company and we take these issues seriously.


§5. If you regret your purchase within 14 days you can cancel the order and get your money back. By downloading our software you have started using the service and thereby forfeited that right. If the service does NOT work for you - you are eligible for our money back guarantee. If, however, you are able to login and send/receive data, then from that point on, the service is non-refundable. For various reasons outside our control you may experience slower speeds. We will do our best to help you resolve such issues but they do not constitute a failure of our service and does not merit a refund of your payment for service. Also, some websites may elect to block access from VPN IP as BeeVPN's. We constantly try to provide access to as much content as possible but are not responsible if some content are not available sporadically or permanently. One month is defined as 30 days.


§6. BeeVPN service is not accessible from Ghana and Nigeria.