Download software

Download tarball with software for 32bit or for 64bit.

Unpack software

Unpack the archive (in the terminal use: tar xzf <filename>)

Run installer

Change into the unpacked directory (anyconnect-3.0.5080/vpn) and run the installer (using i.e.  ./ - root privileges are required so either switch to root or use sudo). Follow the instructions provided by the installer.

Start VPN Client

Start the client from by searching for "cisco", and then clicking on the "Cisco AnyConnect" icon.

Server settings

Fill out the field "Connect to" with (On some Linux distributions it's necessary to use one of the IPs that resolves to. Use e.g. "host -t a" to find them. Also when using the IP directly please discard the error message about a certificate problem), and press the "Select" button.


Fillout the boxes in the main window with your username and password to BeeVPN  (Remember to enter your username only in lower-case), and press the "Connect" button.