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Why BeeVPN is the best VPN provider in the world

The classic question always lurking inside the head of a potential BeeVPN customer is, naturally, why should I chose BeeVPN - and not one of the other providers out there? And the answer to this question, is deeply rooted in why we started BeeVPN in the first place. We ourselves needed a VPN provider to claim back our right to anonymity, but after having tried a few of the providers out there, we came to the conclussion that none of them provided the quality product, we ourselves wanted.

Other VPN providers

VPN Speed

Is the download/upload speed restricted in any way?


VPN Usage

Data tranfser limits? p2p blocking limits?


IP Addresses

No NAT, one IP per VPN connection, always


Location switching

Change between what country your IP is from

Additional charge

VPN Protocols

The better the protocol, the higher the security

Older insecure protocols


The higher the bits, the better the encryption

256 bit AES
Atmost 128 bit


For those cases when it just won't work..

24x7x365 premier support
Limited support

Access US/UK streaming

Full access to Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Sometimes / need server change


Own controlled network, or simply outsourced to a thirdparty

Own network
Outsourced hosting


Own servers, or outsourced to thirdparties

Own servers

No outsourcing

Virtually all VPN providers out there simply rent a server at a colocation facility, and installs the software which makes up the VPN server. We didn't - as we know ourselves how badly such solutions perform, and we didn't want to make yet another product we wouldn't even use ourselves. So we built our own network (ISP), bought only carrier grade Cisco equipment, and coded the software from scratch ourselves.

Simply the fastest VPN available

By not outsourcing any part of our network, but building it from scratch ourselves - we control how every packet is handled, we control when to upgrade the backbone to ensure enough capacity, and are totally in control. This  makes us able to provide the fastest VPN available out there - and always ensure this by continous upgrades of our backbone.


Any other VPN provider out there rents equipment and the IPs - and only get the amount of IPs their thirdparty hosting provider is able to give them. We don't rely on any thirdparty provider, but applies for them as any other ISP out there. This way we've got more than we'll ever need - and our pool of IPs are virtually unlimited.

Multiple outbound gateway locations

Many providers strive to provide as many servers in as many countries as possible, but in reality this only leads to overbooked, congested, and hard to reach servers during peak. We instead opted to provide a select few, which caters to our users needs - and not be part of the marketing jungle of "The bigger  the list, the better". At current we provide outbound gateways in London (UK), Paris (FR), Copenhagen (DK) and Stockholm (SE).

VPN without any limits

We're sure that you've also grown tired of paying every time you want to change the outbound gateway, have to pay for more bandwidth - perhaps a premium account without limits. So we've taken a very simple approach ourselves - a VPN without any limits or other hidden fees.

24x7x365 Premier Support

We're here to help you 24x7x365 - as nothing less can simply do it. No need to worry that you'll not be able to get fast, efficient, and easy to follow support whenever you'll need it, be it night or day - we're here for you at any hour of the day offering our fanatic premier support.